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A reputation is hard won and usually deserved. It should not lightly be lost due to libel / defamation, whether you are a major international corporation or an individual.

Whilst the internet is an extraordinary informational tool, it poses new and serious reputational risks.  Website owners are often irresponsible, simply do not care or are not aware of their responsibility with regards to libel law / defamation law, and they fail to check the credentials of those who post content or its accuracy.  In fact, online publishers are largely unregulated. Because of the viral nature of the internet, an article, a blog or forum comment can spread at an alarming rate. One defamatory comment or inaccuracy will become a matter of record which is able to be accessed at anytime by anyone who conducts an online search. Whilst today's newspaper is tomorrow's waste, internet publications become archive material.

NETLIBEL Specialises in Name/Brand Protection, by dealing with libelous / defamatory material on the internet.

We move to take down content which is inaccurate or defamatory. We investigate and locate the ISP. We then draft and forward a takedown letter which is tailored to your specific circumstances and needs, and complies with Section 5 of the Defamation Act 2013. If necessary, we have available a panel of lawyers (including some of the leading and most experienced defamation solicitors) who are ready to act should our takedown letter not have the desired response.

We offer a service which will accommodate all budgets. We can protect the brand of international corporations, the image of high profile celebrities, and the reputations of small businesses and of individuals. Our services are available on an annual retainer or a single case basis.

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