At Net Libel, we specialise in removing content which is inaccurate or defamatory. We do this by researching to find the ISP of the website on which the material in question has been published, and then expertly drafting and sending a takedown request, which highlights the offending material and demands that is removed without delay. In most cases a well crafted takedown letter sent to the correct address, is all that is required to ensure speedy removal of the content. If the material is not removed, we can refer you to a panel of specialist defamation solicitors who can advise you of the best course of action.

We can protect your reputation on a one-off basis, for a one off fee – or we can offer you the peace of mind – not to mention the money saving, of a range of membership packages.

Please see our pricing and packages below, and choose the option which you feel is right for you.

Single Case
One Off

Bronze Package
Up to 4 Cases Per Year
£150 Per Year (saving 25%)

Silver Package
Up to 10 Cases Per Year
£325 Per Year (saving 35%)

Gold Package
Up to 25 Cases Per Year
£625 Per Year (saving 50%)

Platinum Package
Up to 100 Cases Per Year
£875 Per Year (saving 65%)

Bespoke package including monitoring!

This package gives total peace of mind, we continually monitor the web for defamatory content about you / your business. Click here for more information.

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